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How to Destroy your Marriage in 3 Simple Ways

There are many articles on tips to improve your marriage; some will work while others will not. You can find some good articles here and I have also done a Youtube mini-series here.

But when it comes to destroying your marriage, it is easier than you might have expected - if you do even just one of the following 3 basic things consistently, you will inevitably succeed:

1. Focus on your kids

It is so natural for couples, especially the wife, to spend all their time planning and caring for their kids upon their arrival and it may even seem absolutely legitimate! 

However, it brings attention away from the very foundation of the family itself...

2. Criticise your spouse

No one likes to be criticised, especially by someone who has promised to love you forever! 

It is a strange phenomenon that once you start to live with another person, you'll subconsciously install a virtual microscope in your mind which focuses and magnifies all the faults and weaknesses of that person. You'll need to r…

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