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Secret to Keep Falling in Love with your Spouse

    During our 4-day spiritual retreat at Bintan from 21-24 Sep 2023, our fellow retreatants were surprised that my dearest wife and I were married for more than 22 years because we behaved more like a dating couple! Actually, in retrospect, I felt a little sad because marriage is supposed to be the epitome of Love but many experienced the very opposite... Hence, this prompted me to share our secret which took me a while to crystallize it into 3 key action points: 1. Put God first I must admit the marital journey isn't paved with romance and loving feelings at every turn which is why it is very crucial to provide marriage with a firm unchanging foundation which in our case, is our shared Catholic faith.  With God at the centre of our marriage, we were able to weather the inevitable storms of life and emerge more caring, more understanding and more loving after each trial. And with daily prayer and frequent reception of the sacraments, we were able to overcome temptations, control

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