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Changing Yourself is as easy as ABCD!

How often do you find yourself doing hurtful/thoughtless things that damage your relationship with family members which you deeply regret later on? Fear not, here's a simple way to prevent yourself from becoming the rampaging hulk! The following ABCD model was developed by one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) used to help a person behave more rationally: A - Activating Event : This is the trigger that causes you to become the hulk, eg. seeing your teenage son on the phone. B - Belief System : This enables you to interpret the Activating Event, eg. you believe your son has been on the phone for hours and watching useless stuff. C - Consequences : Your response to your Belief System, eg. you transform into the hulk and start screaming at your son to stop using the phone and start to revise schoolwork. D - Dispute : This is the most important step where you re-examine your Belief System objectively either on your own or with someone close or someone you respect

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