the LEt's-GO-LAND

If you're wondering whether to visit Legoland Malaysia, here's a quick answer: YES, go for it as it's great fun for the whole family and get the Annual Pass (RM245-limited time offer) because you'll "make money" once you go there twice (Day pass costs RM140) and you'll certainly want to go there more than once as you won't be able to try everything in one visit. Now for the long answer - my detailed review:)

Getting There
On 6 Sep 2012, I visited Legoland Malaysia as I've won 4 preview tickets in a SAFRA contest. It took me just about an hour to reach there from Sengkang via the Tuas Second Link, so it's pretty near to Singapore! On the map, it looks simple to drive there but you must be careful to follow the road-signs as there are many turns to be made. Once you see the gigantic carparks, head towards Zone 1 and park in the middle area as the gate is in the centre and yes, it's FREE parking, at least for now! All in all, I've paid S$7 for the Singapore toll and RM15 for the Malaysian toll (both ways).

What to Bring
Be prepared to walk long distances, so get a good pair of walking shoes; it's a long way from the carpark to the entrance and it's a large theme park! Bring HUGE water bottles but outside food is not allowed there; there're no water coolers and the tap water tasted funny. Bring umbrellas too as there's little shade.

The Rides
As we reached there about 3pm, we didn't have time to try all the rides but we've managed to try most as there were no queues! Our first ride was the Dragon's Apprentice:

Next, we saw the Dragon but didn't dare to try it:

My son loved the Driving School and went for 3 rounds - I wanted to try too but it's meant for kids aged 6-13 years only:*(

The Boating School was fun and everyone could try it:

Other Attractions
There're fun educational activities there too: lego robotics (must register early so we didn't get to try it) and of course, lego-building! At the Build & Test centre, I challenged my son to a race with our self-designed lego cars (and I found out I better stick to the aerospace industry!):

There's also a large playground for adventurous kids known as the Forestmen's Hideout where kids get to run, climb, crawl and explore:

We enjoyed the 4D show at the Lego Studios too except the parts when water was sprayed at us, so beware!

And for the very young kids, there is a slow train that goes around the park, a mini-train and playground at DUPLO Playtown and the Junior Driving School.

My favourite part of Legoland is definitely Miniland at the centre of the park. The designs are intricate and you can see that the designers painstakingly paid attention to little details which make the minilands very realistic and there're things that move with sound effects too!

As you can see from the giant map here, there are still many places that we didn't visit, so we'll certainly be going back there with our annual passes, hope to see you there!!! Ooops, forgot to mention the excellent customer service there too - all the staff were patient, friendly and enthusiastic!


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