Changing Yourself is as easy as ABCD!

How often do you find yourself doing hurtful/thoughtless things that damage your relationship with family members which you deeply regret later on?

Fear not, here's a simple way to prevent yourself from becoming the rampaging hulk!

The following ABCD model was developed by one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) used to help a person behave more rationally:

  • A - Activating Event: This is the trigger that causes you to become the hulk, eg. seeing your teenage son on the phone.
  • B - Belief System: This enables you to interpret the Activating Event, eg. you believe your son has been on the phone for hours and watching useless stuff.
  • C - Consequences: Your response to your Belief System, eg. you transform into the hulk and start screaming at your son to stop using the phone and start to revise schoolwork.
  • D - Dispute: This is the most important step where you re-examine your Belief System objectively either on your own or with someone close or someone you respect, eg. you discuss with your mentor and realise you are being too judgemental to your son because he might be using the phone for just a while or for good purposes and you decide to correct your Belief System accordingly; maybe upon seeing your son on the phone the next time, you will ask him lovingly what interesting stuff he is watching now.

Very often, we tend to quickly think the worst of people and the ABCD model would be an excellent means to help us rein in our negative predispositions, so try it out ya!


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