Drama with the Family

I struggled to find an activity that will bring my family together until I chanced upon the drama series Madam Secretary in Netflix at the beginning of the year:

It has elements for the whole family: Love, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Action and of course Politics!

Téa Leoni gives a most powerful performance as a new Secretary of State of the United States and after a couple of episodes, you will need little inducement to address her as Madam Secretary if you happen to bump into her!

Her elegance, eloquence, tenacity, wits, compassion and not forgetting good looks, give credence to her character and yet, her vulnerabilities and responsibilities as a mother and wife, provide a much-needed down-to-earth perspective that connects with ordinary folks like us; a top diplomat needs to cope with teenage children too!

I am thankful that her on-screen husband happens to be just as endearing so as to do justice to my wife's precious time away from her stately duties as my Secretary of Household! As for my teenage son, he is wowed by the immense complexity of world politics and the ingenious tactics of Madam Secretary, not so much the BGR yet to our utmost relief... for the moment!

My favourite episode so far is Episode 3 "The Operative" of Season 1 where the Secretary's hubby, a Catholic professor of Theology, is given the ultimate ethical conundrum: Does a noble end justify a shady means? Is it ok to give a fake grade in order to save a life?

It triggered much discussion and introspection among us, and the story ends brilliantly... you gotta watch it!

Sorry, I must go now as Madam Secretary beckons us now to catch Episode 12 of Season 1!


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