Fun Home Activities!

If you're struggling to find fun and meaningful activities to bond with your family at home during this pandemic period, maybe you can find some inspiration from our family's favourite pastimes here:

1. Praying Together

After 19 awesome years of marriage, I can fully testify that indeed "The family that prays together stays together."

For our family, praying the Rosary is one daily activity that we never fail to do in the evenings after dinner. It allows us to slow down, take stock of the day, express our gratitude to God and pray for those who need our prayers especially the sick and suffering.

Feel free to pray in your own way with your family depending on your faith and even if you are a free-thinker, you could also have a thanksgiving session where everyone recounts the blessings of the day and I assure you that not only you will grow closer together, you will be happier too!

If you're a Christian and would like to try out the Rosary, I highly recommend following this video which narrates relevant scripture verses after each prayer - there are 4 Rosary Mysteries included but you need only focus on one (~20mins only) each day:

2. Jamming Together

Music relaxes the mind and also provides entertainment for others, so my son and I jam together often at home and have a Youtube mini-series on our unplugged performances.

You need not be a pro to enjoy music and don't be shy about uploading to Youtube too as it can be fun sharing with family and friends! We also don't have many hits/likes but it is always a wonderful experience recording with my son - check out one of our favourite performances here:

3. Gaming Together

My son and I love gaming and since we are stuck at home, we have more time to play together! Our favourite game now is Mobile Legends, a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

Not all games are bad and some like Mobile Legends promotes team spirit, strategic thinking, agile reflexes and lots of perseverance (I lost countless games!). I am proud to reach the Mythic division and to be one of the the top 10 Carmillas in the North-East area!
Of course, we all need to beware of getting addicted too and exercise discipline to prioritise our time properly. You can find some tips on countering addictions here.

4. Watching Movies Together

Last but not least, we love watching movies/TV series together on our huge 100-inch projected screen! I have a powerful BenQ projector that is full HD, short-throw, portable and bright enough (3000 lumens!) for daytime viewing too! This is certainly a worthwhile (way cheaper than similar-sized TV screens!) investment since it brings the whole family together for many many hours of superb entertainment!
Here're our favourite shows on Netflix for your reference:
- Crash Landing On You: We love this Korean drama as it's romantic, full of nice scenery, has a great soundtrack and makes us thankful to be living in Paradise Singapore!
- Passengers: This sci-fi movie has great special effects but more importantly, an engaging storyline that is exciting on the surface and yet philosophical on the inside! Check out my review here.
- Greatest Events of WWII in Colour: This documentary is surprisingly very engaging and gives accurate historical facts and analysis of the greatest war mankind has faced! It teaches us to appreciate the peace we have now and to avoid war at all costs!!


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