Countering Mobile Addiction

Mobile addiction is rampant these days - you see it everywhere: bus, MRT, roads, malls, and at home! And Singaporeans spend an average of 3.5 hours on their phones daily - this video says it all on the toxicity of our phone addiction!

We must do something lest our kids and ourselves get hopelessly addicted because it's so so easy to get addicted due to the use of psychology in technology; according to psychologists, it takes just 66 days to form a habit (good or bad).

Here's how we can set limits easily:
  • For iPhones, you can simply use the built-in Screen Time feature available from iOS 12 onwards.
  • For Android phones, you can use the built-in Family Link feature or install the ScreenTime app.
Pediatricians recommend no more than 2 hours of screen time daily here.

Let's spread this message to all families ya!


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