A Decade of Love

I just celebrated my 10-year wedding anniversary on 10 Feb. I can't believe it has been 10 years as both my wife and I can still behave lovingly like new lovers! The passage of time has not smothered the fire of our love!

In retrospect, I felt that we were like any other couple with the usual ups and downs and our fair share of arguments and misunderstandings. In fact, many family and friends have warned us of difficulties because of our large age gap. But somehow we survived and even blossomed!

So what is our secret? I can only think of one possibility: our shared Catholic faith.

When we made our vows, we knew there was no turning back and we will be stuck to each other till the end of our lives. Perhaps subsciously we made extra efforts to be more loving and to make the very best out of our marriage. Or perhaps it's the Grace of God channelled to us through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

I don't know the exact reason but I do know one thing for sure: it has been a most beautiful journey of love and I will never cease to thank and praise God for the gift of the love of my life. Happy anniversary my dearest wife!!!


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