Giving Due Attention

I thoroughly regretted not giving my son due attention this evening... I was working on my new homepage when he returned home and excitedly came to hug me.

He noticed that I was engrossed in my work and asked me what it was about - but what can I say to a 4-year-old about webpage design and the need to stay focused? So I just said something simple to humor him and continued with my work.

He didn't give up and tried to get my attention with his toys and I gave him some indifferent responses... He finally got the hint and went to his bedroom.

When I was done, I immediately went to look for him but he was already fast asleep... As I reflected and tried putting myself in his shoes, I realised how unloving and insensitive I had been - he must have felt real sad or even hurt that his Daddy is more interested in the computer.

My new-year resolution: to always give my family due attention and work on the computer only when they're not around.


Karen said…
true. Sometimes we are so engrossed at what we are doing that we somehow don't give that much attention to the queries of our children. I also feel guilty about doing that from time to time. We can only try again and hope that next time we will do better.

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