BabyTV on DVD - Farm Animals

"Five little ducks, went out one day, over the hills and far away..."

Ooops, sorry, can't help but sing the catchy tune after watching "Farm Animals", a children's DVD from BabyTV's "My First Years Library" series !

Initially, I was worried that my four-year-old son Xavier will find the DVD boring because it's meant for kids aged from 6 months to 4 years. Moreover, with more action-packed cartoons like Avatar, Teen Titans and Duel Masters, I was not expecting a terribly enthusiastic response from him... I was wrong.

Before I could even watch it with him, Xavier spotted the DVD and watched it several times himself! He loves it! And I love it too after watching with him a couple of times!

Somehow, the unique combination of colourful animation, live footage of farm animals in action, melodic nursery rhymes, cute puppets and simple Q&As makes the episode engaging!

I would highly recommend the series and I believe the DVD sets can now be bought locally at children's stores like Mothercare! I'm sure your child will have a fun and great learning experience:)


carol said…
I get those kids songs in my head and can't get them out.

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