Never leave your partner behind

Firefighters never leave their partners behind, no matter how dangerous the situation may be; it's a code of honour and a commitment that is the bedrock of firefighting.

I believe it should be the same with marriage... many couples don't realise that like firefighting, a divorce is an abandonment of one's partner that leads to dire consequences which affect both themselves and their families.

But what if a marriage is on "raging fire" and the only way out seems to be divorce?

A firefighter has a vast array of tools at his disposal and he will never give up unless he exhausts all possible means. Similarly, there exists many "tools" that would save a marriage, and I would like to recommend two here:

1. Counselling: I am very sure that in every state, there would be free marital counselling services, either run by the government or religious organisations - in Singapore, one can approach the
Family Life Society.

2. Movie: And if you are not ready for counselling, watch the movie
Fireproof - though it's a Christian production, it's not preachy and I've shared it with non-Christian friends who found it very touching and useful for addressing their own marital problems. Watch the trailer here:


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