Cartoon Series for the Family

If you had your way, what kind of show would you allow your kids to watch on TV for long-term? Here's my guess:
1. It must interesting and engaging- how else to keep a kid still??
2. It must teach important life lessons - no point wasting time on just pure entertainment right??
3. It must easy to understand - which would appreciate quantum mechanics??
4. It must not be too lengthy - you wouldn't want your kids to be couch potatoes right??
5. It must appeal to adults too - doesn't look good if you snore when watching with your child right??

If the above sounds like your answer, then Auto-B-Good is the animated video series for you! Though it has Christian roots, it is not preachy at all but focuses on conveying universal values like integrity, discipline, initiative, consideration and morality!

My son and I enjoyed the series very much and almost bought the entire series - and we still can't get enough of it;-)

Check out an Auto-B-Good trailer here now:

The Auto-B-Good DVD series is available at most Christian stores.


blue ice said…
hi David, tks for sharing ur suggestion!

Apart from it having educational value.... the crux of raising a sound and happy family lies in all the moments shared together.

The more meaningful shared activities you are able to create (preferably with as many family members as possible), the stronger the family's foundation.

A strong foundation will help any family weather through difficulties more easily later on in life.

Hope to read more of your postings :)
JT said…
My son really enjoys AutoBGood. He watches it regularly.

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