Mr Condom & Ms Pill

Mr Condom: I've called for an urgent meeting because our popularity might be threatened.

Ms Pill: Nah, how can it be? We have good track records and besides, we have the support of many because we are a good regular source of income and thus good for businesses and the economy!

Mr Condom: Hello, haven't you heard of Natural Family Planning (NFP)?? It's effective, approved by religious authorities, improves communication between couples, has no side effects (you have some serious ones!) and most importantly, it's FREE!!!

Ms Pill: Hey, relax man! NFP methods like the Rhythm Method are known to have high failure rates.

Mr Condom: I know that too but recently, the Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) was claimed to achieve a 99% success rate in a United Nations conference!

Ms Pill: That's terrible! But all is not lost my dear friend... I believe it's not easy to learn such natural methods and it takes a lot of self-discipline, respect and love in order for you men to abstain from sex!

Mr Condom: I don't know really... training centres for BOM are plentiful especially in Singapore and knowing you women, I fear you would ask your man to prove his love by using NFP... tough times are coming ahead of us!


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