The key to changing a person

Very often, we hope to change people (for the better) by nagging/lecturing them, openly showing our disapproval/frustration or even withdrawing our love.

But I am sure you would know by now that it is extremely difficult to do so with the above methods, especially with the younger generation, and more so for our close family members. Somehow, we all resist attempts to change us, even well-intentioned ones...

As far as I know, there is only one way to help a person change for the better: Acceptance.

Acceptance doesn't mean we give up changing a person; it means actively helping and encouraging him to change and showing him that no matter what happens, he would still be loved unconditionally. And acceptance is meant for ourselves as well: we need to accept ourselves before we could grow and become better people.

Oh, there's one caveat though: enduring patience is needed - it took me quite a long while to "change" myself...


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with this...used to think of changing a person just to suit to my liking but it backfired somehow. Lately, i realise how easy it is to accept and to embrace them with our love instead. With that, at least they know tt thrs still hope for a change bcuz we accept:) I like this Blog of urs!

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