Avoiding "I told you so's"

We all savour the moments when we are in a position to say "I told you so" - it feeds our ego and imbues us with a sense of superiority.

Conversely, we all dread the moments when we are in a position to hear "I told you so" - it deflates our ego!

So let us always avoid saying "I told you so", knowing how terrible it is to be the receiving party - instead, just point out the mistake and say nothing more - you would be appreciated for your graciousness.

It is very important to remember this especially when we have young kids/teenagers because we adults would often find ourselves in the superior position...


Anonymous said…
having just had a conversation with my own mum who is now elderly, but still wishes she'd not had two daughters, I understand your comments...when mum sees problems between her own girls and their girls, that phrase often comes up and I almost want to say to her "you seem really pleased that we are having the same difficulties and problems that you had!"
Anonymous said…
completely right!!!
I agree with this and it matters to every body around us.... family, friends, workmates

As we all make mistakes, there´s not anybody better than anybody else.

But specially kids must not be exposed to this sort of "ego fights", mostly they need positive feedback.

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