Recognising Childhood Disorders

It's real sad that some kids are mistakenly labelled as lazy, anti-social or even stupid when they are actually suffering from developmental disorders.

And if such disorders are not diagnosed and treated early, it would not only devastate the child's self-confidence but would also affect the child's education and social life.

Here're four common childhood disorders:
1. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): The child is easily distracted and cannot sit still for long.

2. Autism: The child doesn't know how to socialise and has obsessions with certain objects/behaviour.

3. Dyslexia: The child finds great difficulty in reading and writing.

4. Dyspraxia: The child cannot control/coordinate body movements properly.

The good news is that if discovered early, these disorders, though cannot be cured, can be effectively controlled. The basic rule of thumb: when in doubt, seek help from child psychologists.


Anonymous said…
good subject, as i hv one at home 2 yrs old girl - very very very active. play all the time, sometimes sit for awhile with a pen and scratches on book and floor. after that she will start climbing table to tv rack to shack the flat screen!! no matter how many times warned her - she doesn't care..but i hope this is not disorder....i hv only one daughter so precious and i hate people calling be frank - i am worst than her. too active even when caring her in my i think it is more heredity than a disorder or disease...well good job, article..keep it up - and i did print the article just to make double make sure everything is normal with my kid. - salmah - bought the motor...

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