My Favourite Family Routine

Ever since my father's massive stroke in 2006, my family has grown closer. We now take every opportunity to gather at my dad's home in Ghim Moh Road, e.g. the recent Mother's Day, Christmas 2007, etc.

Our favourite routine during such gatherings is to have potluck - we all enjoy being surprised by new exotic food as well as savouring our all-time favourites like Guo Tie. Indeed, nothing beats having a nice meal in a warm and relaxed atmosphere of kinship!

We dearly miss playing Big Two with my dad and his unique witty sense of humour - he lost his speech and could only move the right half of his body...

The unexpectedness of my dad's stroke taught us never to take one another for granted and to treasure every single moment with our loved ones.

So, if you hope to develop close family ties, why not start some family routines to bring everyone together on a regular basis?


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