Movie Trilogy for the Family

I highly recommend the Spider-Man Trilogy for the family, especially for our young ones - there are many important lessons that can be learnt besides the awesome action & touching romance:

Spider-Man 1: Power & Responsibility

Peter Parker paid a high price to learn that with great power comes great responsibility - he indirectly caused his dear Uncle's death by allowing a robber to escape despite having the power to easily stop him. We too have the power to make this world a little better than it was before...

Spider-Man 2: Priority & Adversity

Peter Parker realized the tremendous difficulty in juggling his life between school, career, love and superhero responsibilities - the key is learning how to balance and prioritize. And that adversity is part and parcel of life - it can make a person better or bitter.

Read my retroview on Spider-Man 2 here.

Spider-Man 3: Pride & Forgiveness

Pride goes before a fall - this is aptly illustrated here where Peter Parker allowed success to puff him up so much that he neglected his loved ones and thought about himself only. The theme of forgiveness also permeates throughout the film and culminates in a powerful emotional scene at the end...


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