The Gift of Parenthood

After marriage, many of my friends said they hesitated to start a family because of financial reasons as well as the desire to enjoy couplehood for a couple of years first. Some even said they would never have children because children are so problematic!

I feel sad that they view parenthood as something burdensome to be avoided - this misconception must be corrected
, so I hope parents would share their views here...

Well, after becoming a father more than 31 months ago, I can now more convincingly testify to what I have always believed in:
Parenthood is a priceless gift with an affordable price tag!

Indeed, babies and children demand much of our time and can be really problematic at times; but the joy and love they bring to the family is worth every effort!

As for finance, it is certainly manageable as long as one spends within one's means wisely and doesn't go for branded goods and unnecessary luxuries!

So if you are still thinking of postponing parenthood, do reconsider and take the leap of faith to enjoy the wondrous gift of Parenthood!


B.Karen Goh MM said…
It's true, having children is definitely financially manageable as long as one is not extravagant.
Parenthood is a gift definitely, but some days it just feels that kids aren't really gifts from God, but hell's angels!!! (look out for this month's comic! hehe) You know David, the "problems" triple when you have more kids. They say it (problem factor) plateaus when you have 4 kids or more. After that it doesn't make much difference.... I experience new problems as my older kid grows, and sibling rivarly literally drives me up the wall almost everyday. I hide in the toilet sometimes to just to escape! I'm guilty to say this, but sometimes I secretly wish I can return the gift, but I know they're non-returnable and non-refundable!haha. Oh no, it's not a secret anymore...:oP

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