Educating your baby

Most parents grossly underestimate the tremendous learning abilities of their babies and wrongly assume that education should begin later when their babies are older and "more intelligent".

But in fact, the contrary is true: babies and children below six are super learners!

I was one of these parents too... until I chanced upon Glenn Doman's revolutionary book "How To Teach Your Baby To Read".

After more than 40 years of research, Glenn Doman developed proven, systematic and fun methods to teach babies and young kids how to read, do math and even become physically superb!

My wife and I began teaching our son Xavier (when he was 10 months old) how to read using Glenn's techniques and even though we can't see any visible results at the moment, we enjoyed preparing and delivering the reading sessions!

It was real tough work but we are happy because we know we are giving our baby the best possible gift at this moment: ability to read - which is the key to the treasury of all recorded human wisdom!


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