Disciplining Kids

For many years, I was placed in charge of disciplining my nieces and nephews because their Dad was overseas most of the time. It was difficult to mete out punishment because somehow, I always had this fear at the back of my mind: the kids would dislike or even hate me for punishing them.

However, I know that without punishments, it is impossible to inculcate discipline in kids below 12 years old and so, I persisted. And I also made it a point to always explain to them what they've done wrong and to assure them of my love by having fun with them or simply buying some little things for them after the punishment.

Years later, I realised my initial fear was completely unfounded: not only did they not hate me, but a strong bond of love and respect was formed between us. Somehow, they knew that what I did was ultimately for their own good...

Indeed, it is never easy to punish those we so dearly love but we must be firm to help our kids become well-disciplined and outstanding adults.


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