The Art of Listening

Listening is such seemingly simple and basic human ability that many are unaware of its intricacies and immense power to lift hearts and deepen relationships. As a result, many do not listen well and even neglect listening in the first place!

When you listen to someone, you are actually telling him/her subconsciously that you care/love enough to want to spend time getting into his/her world while leaving your own behind. So always spend some time to listen to your family members and to listen well! It is a powerful and noble act of love!

Here're some tips on how to listen well:

1. Never offer unsolicited advice/judgement no matter how tempting it is; you would only cause frustration and jeopardise future sharings - I can testify to this because I tend to give advice to my wife when I listen to her and she's has to repeatedly remind me that she only wants a listening ear!

2. Maintain eye contact - this shows you're genuinely paying attention.

3. Clarify when in doubt - ask questions or paraphrase whenever you're not sure if you've understood the other party correctly; this not only reinforces your sincerity but also avoids potential misunderstandings.


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