Lifesaving Driving Rules

I must confess that I had been a typical over-confident, traffic-rules-sceptic and child-seat-protesting male driver... until I read a recent article in Reader's Digest entitled "Hidden Dangers in Your Car".

It utterly jolted me and made me realise what an irresponsible driver I was, putting myself and my family in mortal danger with my slack attitude!

I really gotta thank and praise God for blessing us with safe drives so far and I resolved never ever to take safety for granted, and to obey the following lifesaving driving rules:
  1. Ensure that everyone puts on seat belts.
  2. Ensure that children below 8 are restrained in appropriate child seats.
  3. Ensure that there are no loose items in the car, including mobile phones, groceries and CDs.
  4. Never ever take alcoholic drinks even in small amounts before driving.
  5. Drive within speed limits.
If you're still a sceptic, check out sobering statistics here:
- Seat Belt Use and Child Safety Seats
- Car Accident Statistics
- Drinking Kills


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