Do your homework... Parents!

If you find it difficult to get your primary school or teenage child do his homework, it's time you do some homework yourself:)

If your child is a boy, I am sure you must have heard him talk about card trading games like Pokemon, Duel Masters, and online games like MapleStory, Counter-Strike and DotA. He would also probably be bugging you to buy a PSP, DS, Xbox 360, Wii or PS3.

If you are absolutely clueless about the above cool/happening stuff in your child's life, it's time you find out more - and you can do so easily via Google or Wikipedia - so no excuses please!

"But what's that gotta do with my child's homework?" You must be wondering aloud... My reply: EVERYTHING!

If you can't understand your child's favourite stuff, you can't connect with him; and if you can't connect with him, you can't effectively teach him "boring" stuff like homework! You may use the best revolutionary teaching methods in the world and I bet you can't get much anything into his head...

I can speak the language of my nephew when it comes to his games and I am even good enough to beat him in the Pokemon card game - and when I teach, he listens and his grades improve... and I had fun too playing his games;-)

Ooops, gotta go now - I need to build a powerful Duel Masters deck to battle my other nephews in a week's time after our tuition session! And parents, don't forget your homework!


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