Abortion Alternatives

I was very sad when I learnt that a good friend of mine just had an abortion. It was a most difficult decision for her but she just couldn't find an alternative solution...

Most of us would know the pro-life and pro-choice arguments on abortion, but little on practical abortion alternatives such as adoption. Personally, I feel that many abortions can be avoided with the right support delivered at the right time...

Here're some excellent links that I believe would help a mother who's contemplating abortion make a more informed decision:
- Comparision of Abortion and Adoption
- Contacts of financial/social support
- Abortion Facts
- Pregnancy Crisis Service

"The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between."

Blessed Mother Teresa (1910-1997) Missionary


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